When small businesses are harmed in a business dispute, they often can't afford to engage traditional law firms billing at high hourly rates.  Discovery, motions practice, and trial preparation in complex business disputes can require hundreds or thousands of hours of work, and larger and better-financed businesses often believe they won't be held accountable for their conduct simply because they know a smaller opponent can't write a six-figure check for legal fees.  We address this challenge head-on by partnering with our clients and charging contingency fees or hybrid fees, enabling our clients to pursue their legitimate claims all the way through trial if necessary.

Continual Innovation

While we believe that alternative fee arrangements are critical to success in many business disputes, we also recognize that we must work differently.  Accordingly, we continuously innovate and improve our work processes and apply strategic planning and project management principles to each case.  But to produce real results, innovation and strategic planning must be more than buzz-words or marketing copy.  Adopting practices from both cutting-edge military intelligence strategy and agile software development processes, we integrate innovation and project management into every phase of our practice by leveraging parallel and open-source systems of litigation checklists and best practicesRead more at our Litigation Strategy & Innovation Blog.  

Checklist / Flowchart Driven Processes

By focusing on an open-source knowledge management process, we're able to replicate the knowledge management capabilities of the largest global firms while retaining the efficiencies and agility of a boutique practice.  Browse our open-source litigation checklist project to learn more.  We also use detailed planning tools such as our litigation process flowchart, below, to permit superior cost control and planning: