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Franchise Dispute Victory

This firm represented a dental franchisee in a dispute with its franchisor in Denver, including claims of breach of the franchise agreement, fraud, and equitable relief.  After a two-week arbitration hearing through the American Arbitration Association, we obtained findings of fact overwhelmingly in our client's favor and on December 30, 2011 were awarded over a half million dollars in favor of our client, full release from the associated lease, loan, and personal guarantees, and successfully defended against the franchisor's four million dollar counterclaim.  

The Law Office of Jeff Vail leveraged expert witness testimony to establish that, despite being profitable nearly from its outset, the franchisee suffered $400,000 in damages on a "benefit of the bargain" theory because it did not receive the training, operations manual, or other support promised by the franchisor.  The award also included recovery of all legal fees, expert witness fees, arbitration fees, and other costs associated with the dispute, in total more than half a million dollars.

The Law Office of Jeff Vail LLC represents small and medium-sized business owners in litigation in Denver and throughout Colorado.  As a result of our innovation and efficiency measures, including our unique open-source litigation checklist, we are often able to offer flat fee, contingency fee, or hybrid fee arrangements in business disputes. 

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